If you want to have a ton of fun by hosting a game night, we have the 3 steps you need to make it a perfect game night:


  1. Pick the Right Games


Although this may sound obvious, the reason we wanted to cover it is many people think they have to only play a single game during the night. While some games can take that long to finish, many others go much faster. So if you want to maximize everyone’s fun, don’t hesitate to cycle through multiple games.


As you’re considering which games you want to pick, there are three main categories available. Parlor games are first. This category includes Bunco, How’s Yours and Mafia. Board games are second. These can vary a lot in length. Great options to consider for a game night are Apples to Apples, Say Anything and Wits & Wagers.


Electronic games are the last category you may want to include an option from. A few picks that work really well for groups are Catch Phrase, Scene It TV Edition, and Wii Carnival Games. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to make these picks on your own. It can be really enjoyable to get everyone involved by voting as a group ahead of time.


  1. Create a Theme


Once you know which games are going to be played during the evening, one step you can take to really make your night memorable is to create a theme. While there aren’t any rules you have to follow in regards to the theme you choose, an easy but really fun one to go with is creating a type of casino environment.


Want to make a great table runner that goes perfectly with this type of gaming theme? All you need to do is arrange playing cards on a sheet of paper, make several color copies and then tape them together. This will give you the perfect decoration for your dining-room table.


  1. Serve Delicious Food


No game night is going to be complete without really delicious food. If you want to get inspired, our Salsa Stories blog is a great place to start! We have a wide range of recipes that work perfectly for this type of event, including a Beef and Scottsome Heat Skillet, Sloppy Joe’s and Salas & Pasta dish.