Some of our favorite memories involve the dinner table and family. But with the ever-present lure of screen-time, it can be a challenge to keep the conversations going during meals. (Teenagers anyone?) Here are four games for all ages you can play to keep the attention on the family instead of the screens.

20 Questions

It’s probably been a while since you’ve played, but this is a great game that needs nothing except your imagination. One player comes up with a person, place or thing and the other one-to-10 players try to guess the answer within 20 questions by asking yes or no questions. If more than two people are playing, the person who guesses correctly determines the next subject.

Depending on the ages of the players, the answers could be anything from a favorite stuffed animal to the theory of relativity. This is a great game for children because it encourages their natural inquisitiveness and improves their critical-thinking skills.


We like this game for the sense of teamwork it inspires. One player says the name of a place, such as a continent, country or state. The next player has to say another place or destination that begins with the same letter as the last letter of the previously mentioned place. The object of this game is to keep naming places to build a series longer than the ones you’ve built before.

I Packed My Grandma’s Trunk

This one uses the alphabet also, but instills some friendly competition among the family by challenging each person’s memory skills.

The first player begins the game by filling in the blank at the end of: “I packed my grandma’s trunk and in it I put_______.” The chosen word must begin with the letter A. The next player has to repeat the sentence, including the first player’s chosen word and add a new word that begins with the letter B. Keep the chain going as long as you can. You can even award a small prize, like the player who correctly keeps the chain going until the person after them breaks it doesn’t have to help with dishes.


This game is a brainstorming session that sparks creativity. One player chooses a category for the group to name items that would be found within that category. A category can be as anything from Disney princesses to types of flowers. Once you’ve come up with all the answers you can, the next player selects a category. The round ends once all players have had a turn choosing their category.

We hope these ideas bring out the fun and conversation in your family! Be sure to remember to order Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Salsa for your next game night, and share your game tips with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

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