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Hand holding a picture frame with an old family photo in it and words What Mama Flasch Is Thankful for this Year

What Mama Flasch is Thankful for This Year

The annual signals of autumn are all around and soon the holidays will be upon us all.  The leaves have turned colors and most have fallen to the ground, the air is crisp and clean, the bulky comfy sweaters are out of storage and now in use, and football tailgate parties are a common weekend occurrence. Reflecting back over the years, Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Kitchen has so much to be thankful for including our friends, partners, and our very loyal customers who have all played a huge part in our success. Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Kitchen has so much to be thankful for.               In 2005 with the encouragement of friends, the idea of starting a business with the family salsas was suggested.  Our salsa is made with fresh ingredients and Mama’s love. Fast forward to 2010 the family made the decision to form an official business entity, and in 2011 the family launched Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Kitchen. Also in the same year, the three signature salsas were established and named after Mama Flasch’s three children: Greg, Scott, and Cindy.  The mild salsa is GregularTM, the medium is Scottsome HeatTM, and the most spicy and full of heat is InCindyaryTM.  In 2016 we relaunched the business on a national level. Three signature salsas were established and named after Mama Flasch’s three children: Greg, Scott, and Cindy.                     A large part of our success has come through our regional partners within the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky loop. We pride ourselves on working with local businesses and national retailers who value fresh ingredients and small-batch, high-quality products. Our local partners include Mackie Meats, located in Findley Market, Cincinnati, OH, Jungle Jim’s International Markets in Eastgate, OH, and Fairfield, OH, The Meat Store, Batavia, OH, and The Party Source in Bellevue, KY. Our salsa is made with fresh ingredients and Mama’s love.               As a family-owned business, we are extremely thankful to our loyal customers.  Over the years we have cultivated several ways to ensure our customers have easy access to our online salsa products.  On our website our customers have three purchase options.  The first is to purchase one or two jars at time.  The second provides the option to purchase a full case, 12-16 oz. jars or half case, 6-16 oz. jars.  Finally, the third option, which a fantastic holiday gift for the salsa aficionado on your gift list, is a monthly subscription. As a family-owned business, we are extremely thankful to our loyal customers.                 As our family gathers together for the holiday season, we are truly blessed and grateful for our growing circles of friends, partners, and customers.  What will you and your family be grateful for as you gather around the holiday table?
Flasch Family photos of grandparents and 3 children SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY 2018 AND WHAT IT MEANS TO SUPPORT IT

Small Business Saturday 2018 And What It Means To Support It

The holiday season is fast approaching.  Time to give thanks, shop at small businesses and post #shopsmall on your social media to support your favorite small business!  Small business Saturday 2018 is the first Saturday after Thanksgiving where consumers are encouraged to support their favorite small businesses for their holiday shopping. Reasons to support small business Saturday 2018, and what it means to Mama Flasch to be a small business, are truly synonymous.  Supporting small business Saturday or hashtagging shop small shows that you value your local community, health, and family! Supporting small business Saturday or hashtagging shop small shows that you value your local community, health, and family!                 Supporting small business Saturday is important for your local economy! Small businesses are the cornerstone of America. By shopping at small and minority-owned businesses you’re reinforcing your local economy.  You keep tax dollars circulating locally. As a result, this helps build a flourishing community. Similarly, small businesses tend to support other small, local and minority-owned businesses by buying locally.  This helps further develop and strengthen your economic environment.  Part of being a small business means supporting small businesses, for Mama Flasch too!  Therefore, we partner with local farms and retailers and Uncle Jester’s Fine Foods. Uncle Jester’s is a custom packing service and a certified Native American-owned minority business. Hence, one could argue, shopping small makes a big impact. Small business Saturday 2018 and what it means to support it.               Consequently, small businesses can be healthier for you too! Entrepreneurs and small businesses take pride in the products and services they offer.  Instead of being worried about shareholders they can focus on the quality of their service and products. Furthermore, their craft is an extension of who they are.  In Mama Flasch’s case, our salsas are an extension of our family.  A lot of small business owners make their product by hand.  We make our products in small batches with fresh and local ingredients.  This means less or no preservatives, and healthier for you and your family too! Because we make our salsas in small batches, a lot of love ends up in every jar. And since love is priceless, we don't charge extra for it! We make our products in small batches with fresh and local ingredients.               Supporting a small business means supporting families. In supporting small business Saturday, you’re supporting what is at the heart of Mama Flasch’s salsas; family.  Our family created Mama Flasch’s salsa together.  Growing up, we’d spend our Sundays together canning fresh fruits and vegetables with different flavors and fun sealed in every jar.  Family is everything to us; therefore, we named our salsa flavors after our children; Gregular (mild), Scottsome Heat (medium) and InCindyary (hot). We aim to spread this message of familial love by providing you with fresh, pure and heart-healthy salsa you can enjoy together. Creating fond new memories in the process. From our family to yours! After a long day of shopping on small business Saturday, and throughout the rest of the holiday season, we hope we inspire you to make family time a priority. You can support small businesses, your community, family and your health with your taste buds, by picking up a combo pack at our website or any of these locations this holiday season! Happy Holidays!      
Burger sitting in food truck window Best Cincinnati Food Festivals Mama Flasch Salsa Logo

The Best Cincinnati Food Festivals

At Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Salsa we’re all about great tasting food and there’s no better place to get your favorite foods and try new dishes than at a food festival. Whether you’re a foodie like us or simply looking to adventure out and try something new, food festivals offer tasty treats, live entertainment, and fun for the whole family. So if you’re looking to make plans that will get your stomach growling and your taste buds dancing, check out our guide to the best Cincinnati food festivals. Food festivals offer tasty treats               Great Tasting Food is a Cincinnati Tradition We’re proud to call the Queen City our home, and as a Cincinnati based company, we’re excited to share its rich culinary past. From chili to goetta, Cincinnati’s history is rooted in diverse cultural traditions and unique cuisine. Our favorite food festivals share these traditions and help celebrate what makes Cincinnati such a great city. Germania Society Maifest - Celebrate the arrival of spring with traditional German culture, food, and music. Held in Germania Park, this festival features whole roasted pigs, various wursts, and traditional German pastries (May 13-15). Asian Food Fest- Held in Washington Park in Over the Rhine, this culinary festival features the best of Asian cuisine. Enjoy dishes from the Philippines, Thailand, Korea, China, and more at this food festival (May 14-15). Taste of Cincinnati- Held since 1979, the Taste of Cincinnati is the nation’s longest running free food festival. With live music, rides, and great tasting food from all over Cincinnati make sure not to miss this Queen City staple (May 28-30). Panegyri Greet Festival- Enjoy traditional Greek music, culture, and food at this annual festival. Held at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, this festival has been a Cincinnati staple since 1968 (June 22-24). Glier’s Goettafest- A longtime Cincinnati culinary tradition, this festival celebrates all things goetta. Located over the river in Newport, enjoy everything from goetta Rangoon and goetta burritos to goetta funnel cake (August 4-7). Findlay Market Fall Food Fest- Celebrate the fall harvest with apple, pumpkin, and other fall-themed dishes at Cincinnati’s historic Findlay Market. While you’re there, make sure to stop by Mackie Meats and pick up a jar of Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Salsa (October 8). Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Salsa is proud to be part of Cincinnati’s rich history of culinary excellence.               Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Salsa Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Salsa is proud to be part of Cincinnati’s rich history of culinary excellence. Since 2011, we’ve carried on this tradition, using only fresh, locally sourced produce and the best all-natural ingredients in our small batch salsas. You can find Mama Flasch’s Salsa in Ohio at Jungle Jim’s, Mackie Meats, The Meat Store; and in Kentucky at the Party Source. You can also buy our salsas on our website, which are available individually or in combo packs featuring all three of our delicious salsas.

How to Make Mama Flasch’s Salsa Fundraiser Work for Your Group

Here at Mama Flasch’s, being part of the community has always been important to us, that’s why we’re committed to giving back. Whether it’s a school fundraiser or other philanthropic event, we’re committed to ensuring your goals are met and your event is a success. We’ve mentioned before tips for successful fundraisers, and with our great salsas helping make yours stand out, here’s how to make Mama Flasch’s salsa fundraiser work for your group. Another Way of Giving Back We’re committed to investing in our community, that’s why we use locally sourced fresh produce in all of our salsas. We also care about sustainability, that’s why our small batch salsas are not just crafted with local ingredients but done in a way to produce as little was as possible. By using Mama Flasch’s salsas at your next fundraiser, you’re not only providing people with a great tasting quality product, you’re providing them with an opportunity to support local small businesses and encourage sustainable practices. When people know that they’re supporting a great cause and their local community, you’re sure to reach your fundraising goals in no time. Healthy Great Tasting Option We’re committed to providing you with a quality product made with fresh ingredients. Because our products only use high-quality natural ingredients and are free of preservatives, this means that our salsas are full of antioxidant-rich ingredients and offer other great health benefits. Knowing that you’re invested in providing them with a heart-healthy, fat-free option that’s low in sodium, is sure to make a positive impact on your patrons. In addition to being healthy, our salsas offer three levels of heat, making them perfect for any audience. It also means you’ll be providing your audience with a focused campaign that provides them with three delicious options. Salsa is more than just a dip, enjoy it with chips or veggies or add it to your favorite taco or chili recipe, it’s a great way to add flavor to any meal.  Whether it’s our mild Gregular or InCindyary hot salsa, you’re sure to see results. We’re with You Every Step of the Way We’re proud of where we’re from, in fact, we’re so proud every label of Mama Flasch’s salsa brags that we’re Ohio Proud. Loving where you’re from also means helping make it a great place to live, that’s why when you partner with us for your next fundraiser, you get a team passionate about the mission and committed to success. If you’re interested in seeing the positive impact Mama Flasch’s salsa can have on your next fundraiser, contact us. We’d love to hear how we can help you reach your fundraising goals.
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5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Work Together on Promotion

  In 2010, American Express sponsored Small Business Saturday. Held at the end of November, the purpose of this event was to remind consumers that in addition to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions run by big box retailers, small businesses rely on the holiday season to boost their sales as well. The event was a big success and has grown every year since, with a huge amount of awareness generated through efforts like the #shopsmall hashtag.   So, why does a huge corporation like American Express spend time helping small businesses? Many of these businesses use one or more of AMEX's products, which is why American Express sees a lot of value in working together. This is a great lesson for all small businesses and one that should inspire them to work with each other.   Since there's a lot to be said for a rising tide lifting all boats, we want to spotlight five different reasons small businesses can gain a lot by working together to promote their services and products: Increased Exposure   The first big benefit of working with other small businesses is the opportunity to get your services or products in front of a greater number of potential customers. By choosing businesses that have similar customers to your own, you'll be able to create really powerful synergy for everyone involved. Plenty to Go Around   Unless you're talking about a direct competitor, the benefits that go along with working together with other small businesses far outweigh any drawbacks. More Effective   Working collaboratively with other small businesses provides an opportunity to pool resources. This means all the businesses involved will get more out of whatever they invest. From marketing campaigns to giveaways, having multiple parties involved means a greater ROI for all. Greater Reach   There's only so much that your business can do on its own. However, when you work with one or more other businesses, you immediately have a way to amplify your efforts. For example, if you run a collaborative campaign on Facebook, having more parties involved means the ability to share more, which will translate to getting in front of many more prospects. Lots of Opportunities   Thanks to the availability of social media and other marketing channels, it's easier than ever for small businesses to work together. If you want to see just how easy and beneficial this kind of collaboration can be, contact Mama Flasch now so we can discuss opportunities for our small business to work together with yours!

6 Elements of a Successful School Fundraiser

According to PTO Today, school groups raise more than $1.5 billion every year selling various products. Although that huge amount may seem like a typo, it’s definitely billion with a b. While the opportunity presented by school fundraising is a very attractive one, it doesn’t mean raising a meaningful amount of money for very worthwhile initiatives like equipment or enriching field trips is easy. Since certain decisions and actions can mean the difference between mediocre results or a very successful fundraising campaign, I’ve used my extensive research and recent participation in this space to compile a list of the six essential elements of successful fundraising for a school: 1.   More Isn’t Always Better Research by PTO Today found that there are more than 2,000 fundraising companies in the US and Canada. All of these options can make it tempting to offer tons of products during a fundraiser. However, that approach can actually overwhelm prospects, which is why many of the best fundraising results come from much more focused campaigns. It’s also why our selection of three delicious salsas are perfect for a school fundraising campaign. 2.  Your Partner Can Make or Break Fundraising Efforts The right company and products can help your fundraiser exceed your expectations. On the other hand, the wrong partner can create a burden that’s nearly impossible to overcome despite your best efforts. So before you get persuaded by a slick pitch and big promises, take some time to do your research and think through all aspects of what’s being offered to you. 3.  Start Planning Now Given the number of pieces that have to be in place for a successful school fundraiser, it’s never too early to start gathering information and thinking through all the basics of your campaign. 4.  Know What You Want to Accomplish One of the most important things to pinpoint during the planning stage is exactly what needs to be accomplished with a fundraiser. By setting a clear goal that’s meaningful but still attainable, you’ll be able to set the stage for giving everyone something to rally around together. 5.  Get Everyone Involved Speaking of rallying around, the more you can get the entire school and community involved, the better. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure there’s alignment between what the fundraising is trying to accomplish and a core value of the school. 6.  Ending Doesn’t Mean It’s Over A common mistake that’s made in regards to school fundraisers is letting the momentum go away once a campaign ends. By making a point to engage in different follow-up activities like saying thanks to everyone who made the campaign a success, you can help carry the positive energy into future efforts. By taking each of the six elements above into careful consideration, you will have all the pieces in place needed to run a very successful fundraiser for your school. And if you’re interested in working with Mama Flasch’s Salsa on a fundraiser, don’t hesitate to get in touch with US TODAY.