Mornings are hectic enough as it is, making sure everyone has everything they need for the day and getting ready yourself all as you’re racing against the clock. As parents, we are always looking for nutritious school lunches that are easy to make, and that they’ll actually eat and enjoy. Here are six ideas for easy-to-make lunches that’ll leave you with plenty of time to spare.

Mama Flasch’s Favorite

The easiest lunch to make is salsa with chips and celery. Pour some of Mama Flasch’s salsa (mild, medium or hot) into a small plastic container and add three small Ziploc bags: one of reduced-salt tortilla chips, one of washed and halved celery, and one of washed grapes. Simple, easy and nutritious, this lunch was a mainstay for our school lunches, and still something we pack today!

Hummus Wraps

Spread a thick layer of hummus onto a tortilla wrap. Add shredded lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts, onions, carrots, and any other vegetable your child enjoys. For an added kick, drizzle with a little Balsamic vinaigrette dressing and wrap tightly. Throw in a small Ziploc of washed strawberries or sliced apples and your child will have plenty of energy to last the rest of the school day.

Pasta Salad

If your child loves pasta (we know we do), pack a portion of any of these great pasta salads with a fork and some fruit on the side for a tasty and easy lunch.

Peanut Butter Pita Pockets

Spread all-natural peanut butter inside a pita pocket and stuff with thinly sliced apples, dates, bananas or all three. This combination tastes great, is healthy, and has enough vitamins and healthy fats to keep them satisfied and ready to head back to class.

Fruit Salad with Cheese and Crackers

Oh, the trusted Ziploc. Where would we parents be without it? Grab one and fill it with grapes, berries, apples and orange slices. Pack a small one with Club or Ritz crackers, and another with cubed cheese. Lunch is served.

Circles and Sticks

Sounds fun, right? You’ve had this lunch plenty of times and didn’t realize it was called this by parents trying to make it sound more fun than it is. And while the name is a bit of a trick, it tastes great and is packed with protein. Pack a hard-boiled egg with some pretzel sticks, and serve with a side of honey mustard.

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