We’ve written about why the ingredients used in our salsas are not only delicious but also very healthy. Since ingredients like bell peppers have a number of health benefits, using any of our salsas in a variety of different ways can help every member of your family truly enjoy eating well on a consistent basis. To help you get inspired, we want to share some awesome ways to use our salsas to create family friendly snacks:

1.  Pretzel Poppin’ Good

If chips are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pairing something crunchy with salsa, you’re definitely not alone. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other tasty options. Even though it may seem a little outside the box, pretzels go really great with salsa. The best way to fully enjoy this salty crunch is by going with crispy knot pretzels.

2.  Celery and/or Veggie Chips

Many of the best snacks involving salsa include something crunchy. While our first suggestion can keep calories pretty low, there may be times when you want to complement the all-natural ingredients in our salsa with something that’s equally as fresh. Celery is a great option for this type of snacking. And if you’re looking for a snack that bridges the gap between tortilla chips and vegetables like celery, veggie chips are a great choice.

 3.  Pita Bread

The next family friendly snack idea you should try is pairing Mama Flasch’s salsa with pita bread. What’s great about pita bread is it has a tasty but subtle flavor. This allows the salsa to really shine. An added benefit is the size and texture of pita bread makes it great for scooping.

 4.  Carrots

While we’ve already touched on a few way to pair additional veggies with salsa for a tasty snack, no list would be complete without mentioning carrots. We totally get that this one may sound a little weird at first! But if you think about how often carrots are paired with ranch, it’s easy to see how something with as much tasty flavor as Gregular salsa can go great with these crunchy treats.

 5.  Rice Cakes or Crackers

Although rice cakes are popular thanks to their low-calorie count, they aren’t a snack known for having great flavor. You can change this by pairing them with our salsa. And if your family has a few favorite types of crackers, chances are everyone will like them even more when paired with some delicious salsa.

Now that we’ve covered some awesome ways for your family to enjoy Mama Flasch’s salsa, all you need is a jar of Gregular salsa to get started. And we know there are a lot of other yummy ways for your family to enjoy our salsa. So if you have a favorite recipe of your own, be sure to share it with us!