Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Kitchen is ALL about family and tiny tots with their eyes all a glow. Rather than the traditional caroling or new-wave traditions like dressing in matching holiday pj’s, we prefer to stick with the classics. We hope Mama Flasch’s favorite family holiday traditions will inspire you to start some for yourselves or try something new!

Long before and especially during the holiday season, we go fanatic for football. We gather around the TVs strategically placed in the usual viewing rooms, we rock around the rooms like we were rockin’ around the Christmas tree, eating, rooting (or booing) at the TV in unison or catching up with each other’s lives. Sometimes, the kids even give the teams’ cheerleaders a run for their money!

Another family holiday tradition is giving back. Nothing fills our hearts with joy more than providing fresh, tasty salsa to support fundraisers! We especially love supporting our community and schools. Though we love giving back all year long, the holiday season presents us with more opportunities and seems to give us that sentimental feeling.

Last but certainly not the least of our favorite family holiday traditions is baking. From Rudolph to wreaths or gingerbreads to teddy bears, we love to bake cookies, pies and all sorts of sweets. Growing up in a family where we’d spend Sundays together carefully chopping fresh vegetables and creating salsa delights, you could say creating food for the holidays is naturally one of our favorite things. With a twinkle in our eyes and laughter in the air, we always seem to sleep in heavenly peace afterward.

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