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Mama Flasch Fan Club

“Greg’s “day” job is working with a large group of diverse individuals. We have seen him take his Salsa Idea from his Mom’s kitchen into production.  We have eaten many batches of salsa over the years…all delicious! We have encouraged Greg to market his salsa because it is that good! We have served as the focus group for how hot each of the levels should be and how “thick” the salsa is verses “runny”.  Along the way we have discovered all salsa is NOT the same! Quality salsa like Greg’s can stand alone on a chip or be used in numerous recipes. After many discussions and several tweaks…we think the recipe is just right! I am confident people who make the purchase will come back for more. I have already purchased my first case since production moved from the kitchen. ”

– Chris D.

I have loved Mama Flasch before I loved the salsa! I remember how often she would show up at my home bringing me salsa jars before we sat down to play a game. The friendship I treasure and the salsa — unmatched!!!
– Nan K.

Not only are the names of each of the 3 flavors nicely crafted, the salsas are too! I was lucky enough to have all three on hand for Cinco De Mayo and our guests all loved it. I personally liked the Regular best, but InCindyary was the crown favorite!!

-Greg P.

Fantastic product. All three flavors bring something new to the table but my personal favorite…”Scott some heat.” Just the right heat to not over power the fresh taste of the salsa. This is now my go to salsa brand for all occasions.

-Steve W.

My personal favorite is the InCindyary, it has an excellent kick. I’ve found that jars of Greg’s salsa tend to be single serving portions. Once one digs in, there’s no stopping until the jar is empty. The same holds true for pints of Graeter’s ice cream. Keep it coming!

-Joby L.

I love a good family recipe, I bought all three versions and love them all! My wife likes the mild and I love the hot! Caliente! Way to go Greg, keep it up!

-Brennan S.

Delicious, fresh & simple! Great with chips and on tacos. I love knowing that I’m eating something healthy and supporting local business at the same time.

-Bobbie F.

Really lovely salsa – very fresh, very nice flavors. Our family’s favorite is Scott Some Heat. You won’t regret giving this salsa a try!

-Anne B.

Great product from a great family! No weird ingredients or preservatives, and the perfect consistency for dipping or for cooking. Wonderful!

-David D.

So fresh tasting! This is an awesome salsa. I liked best a mix of the Gregular mild and the medium together. The veggies are so good!

-Maureen B.