The holiday season is fast approaching.  Time to give thanks, shop at small businesses and post #shopsmall on your social media to support your favorite small business!  Small business Saturday 2018 is the first Saturday after Thanksgiving where consumers are encouraged to support their favorite small businesses for their holiday shopping. Reasons to support small business Saturday 2018, and what it means to Mama Flasch to be a small business, are truly synonymous.  Supporting small business Saturday or hashtagging shop small shows that you value your local community, health, and family!

Small local coffee shop counter and entrance

Supporting small business Saturday or hashtagging shop small shows that you value your local community, health, and family!









Supporting small business Saturday is important for your local economy!

Small businesses are the cornerstone of America. By shopping at small and minority-owned businesses you’re reinforcing your local economy.  You keep tax dollars circulating locally. As a result, this helps build a flourishing community. Similarly, small businesses tend to support other small, local and minority-owned businesses by buying locally.  This helps further develop and strengthen your economic environment.  Part of being a small business means supporting small businesses, for Mama Flasch too!  Therefore, we partner with local farms and retailers and Uncle Jester’s Fine Foods. Uncle Jester’s is a custom packing service and a certified Native American-owned minority business. Hence, one could argue, shopping small makes a big impact.

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Small business Saturday 2018 and what it means to support it.








Consequently, small businesses can be healthier for you too!

Entrepreneurs and small businesses take pride in the products and services they offer.  Instead of being worried about shareholders they can focus on the quality of their service and products. Furthermore, their craft is an extension of who they are.  In Mama Flasch’s case, our salsas are an extension of our family.  A lot of small business owners make their product by hand.  We make our products in small batches with fresh and local ingredients.  This means less or no preservatives, and healthier for you and your family too! Because we make our salsas in small batches, a lot of love ends up in every jar. And since love is priceless, we don’t charge extra for it!

Mama Flasch Jars of Salsa

We make our products in small batches with fresh and local ingredients.








Supporting a small business means supporting families.

In supporting small business Saturday, you’re supporting what is at the heart of Mama Flasch’s salsas; family.  Our family created Mama Flasch’s salsa together.  Growing up, we’d spend our Sundays together canning fresh fruits and vegetables with different flavors and fun sealed in every jar.  Family is everything to us; therefore, we named our salsa flavors after our children; Gregular (mild), Scottsome Heat (medium) and InCindyary (hot). We aim to spread this message of familial love by providing you with fresh, pure and heart-healthy salsa you can enjoy together. Creating fond new memories in the process. From our family to yours! After a long day of shopping on small business Saturday, and throughout the rest of the holiday season, we hope we inspire you to make family time a priority.

You can support small businesses, your community, family and your health with your taste buds, by picking up a combo pack at our website or any of these locations this holiday season! Happy Holidays!

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