There’s a lot that goes into making truly great food products like salsas. Fresh ingredients are a vital element. Without these types of ingredients as the foundation of a salsa or any other food product, it’s simply not going to taste as good as possible. Preparation is another essential element of making the best possible food product. At Mama Flasch’s Gourmet Kitchen, this means making our salsas in small batches. Since we’re often asked questions about what exactly constitutes small batch preparation, we thought it would be helpful for us to dive right into this topic.


What Small Batch Means


The term “small batch” is one that’s often used by the best whiskey makers. In that case, small batch means producing whiskey in a small run of barrels. These batches are often limited to less than a dozen barrels. In the case of our salsa and other food products, small batch preparation involves the use of techniques and processes that might not be seen as “cost-efficient” in a mass production, but are able to create a superior final product.


Why Small Batches Equal Quality


With small batch product, the attention to detail you get is going to be greater than a food product being produced in an industrial setting at scale. For example, we’re able to make sure that the taste, texture, and appearance of every jar of salsa we make is consistent. Because the history of our product stems back to Mama Flasch slowly preparing salsas with loving care in her kitchen, the small batch process is the best way for us to carry on her legacy of culinary delight.


Another advantage of the small batch approach is the fresh ingredients we use don’t get overcooked. That means maximum flavor, as well getting the most nutritional value out of every ingredient. Finally, small batch preparation is a very sustainable approach to creating food products. Because we know the exact amount of ingredients we need for every batch, we’re able to keep waste to a minimum. Given that overproduction rates of ten to twenty percent are quite common in other settings, it’s feel good knowing that we’re able to help prevent great ingredients from going to waste.


If you haven’t tried any of our delicious three salsas yet, we encourage you to do so. This is the best way to see for yourself exactly how big of a positive impact fresh ingredients and small batch production can have. And if you have any other questions about Mama Flasch’s approach to making delicious salsas, it’s easy to contact us through our website.