At Mama Flasch’s, we’re all pretty crazy about salsa! Since we eat a lot of salsa and are always trying out new combinations, it’s pretty common for us to end up with multiple jars open at the same time. Since fresh ingredients are one of the things that make our salsas so delicious, we like being able to eat and use individual jars in a timely manner.


So whether you have some leftover salsa that you want to use as soon as possible or are simply looking for some delicious new ways to enjoy salsa, we have seven different uses to share with you:


We’ve actually got two delicious suggestions for breakfast. The first is an easy way to take your grits to the next level. Spoon some salsa into a batch of cooked grits, then finish off this mix with cheese and bacon for total deliciousness. And if you’re more of an egg person, leftover salsa goes great with frittatas, omelets or scrambled eggs.


Salsa compound butter! Simply mix your salsa with softened butter and then put it in the refrigerator. While there are a number of ways to use this delicious butter, our favorite is grilling a steak and then putting thin butter slices on top.


You can give meat a delicious new taste by using leftover salsa as a marinade. To get the best results from this kind of mixture, we recommend adding a little canola oil and lime juice to the salsa before you start marinating your meat of choice.


Leftover salsa works great for giving béchamel sauce (white sauce) a new twist. You make this type of sauce with butter, all-purpose flour, milk, salt and nutmeg. Once the sauce is ready, add leftover salsa to taste. You can then toss this mixture with your favorite type of pasta.


If you’re planning a meal that’s going to include fries as a side, simply mix some ketchup and/or mayo with your leftover salsa for a delicious dip that provides a little extra punch.


Another use we’ve found that works really well is adding an awesome flavor to rice. After cooking a batch of rice, just stir in whatever salsa you have leftover. You can finish off the rice with some cheddar cheese and olives.


Gazpacho is a delicious type of soup that originated in Andalusia and remains very popular throughout the rest of Spain. You can easily puree up a batch by combining leftover salsa along with vegetable stock, jalapeños, cucumbers and tomatoes.


Now that we’ve shared what we like to do with leftover salsa, it’s your turn! Head over to our salsa stories page and let us know your favorite thing to do with any leftover salsa.